Since 1991, the performances of The Steve Chapin Band have proven to be a total delight to both the legions of Chapin fans who attended Harry Chapin's concerts in the seventies, and the flourishing next-generation of Chapin enthusiasts. The enduring legacy of Harry's music is alive and well each time Steve, along with Chapin band alumni Big John Wallace (bass guitar/pyrotechnic vocals) and Howard Fields (drums), take the stage to perform their stunning recreations of Harry's most well-loved songs as well as Steve's own beautiful tunes. His popular "Let Time Go Lightly", from the platinum LP "Greatest Stories Live", is just one of the songs written by the band's leader that round out the evening of Chapin music. Furthermore, their casual, on-stage conversations reflect absorbingly nostalgic, ‘behind-the-music'-like anecdotes and memories of their personal experiences on the road and in the studio with Harry. And now, with the delightful addition of the guitars of Big John's son Clark Wallace and Steve's son Jonathan Chapin, songs such as "Cat's In The Cradle", "Taxi", "Mr. Tanner", "Better Place To Be", and "W.O.L.D." attain even deeper musical dimension while maintaining that special affinity they have always had with Harry's fans.

Some of the featured songs of the evening include (click on the titles to hear a sample of each song):



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