Vacation Message System

  1. If you're a trader for one or more concerts in the Trader's Circle and you're going away on vacation and won't be able to fulfill any requests you may receive, you may set a vacation message for your e-mail address. This does not cancel you as a trader and you will still receive requests as before, but during the time period you specify for your vacation, your "vacation message" will be appended to any requests sent to you during vacation.

  2. Once you set your vacation message any requester who happens to request a concert from you will get the usual acknowledgement message with a "P.S." appended to it, similar to this example:

    P.S. - The individual whom received your requested has notified us that they are away on vacation until July 12, 2004, so they may not be able to reply to your request until they return. They said:

    "I'm off to the beach to celebrate the fourth of July with my family, and I'm not going to be able to fulfill your request until I return. But when I get home and unpacked, I'll drop you an e-mail acknowledging your request."

    If you're willing to wait for the trader to return then you should, however if you would like to try for another trader you may "unrequest" this concert and request it again and a random trader of the concert will be selected. If there is only one trader for the concert you want, then you'll get this same message!

  3. Your "Trader's Circle Request" e-mail will be the same, with the following "P.S." attached:
    P.S. - Your vacation message was sent to the requester with their acknowledgement. You are still "on the hook" to reply to this request unless a subsequent "Request Cancelled" e-mail is sent to you after this message.

  4. After midnight on the ending day of your vacation, your vacation message will be deleted and requests/confirmations will return to normal.

  5. Vacations are allowed anytime. The only limitation is a vacation may not last more than 30 days. The reason for this is to prevent someone from setting their vacation from Jan 1 through Dec 31 and there by avoid the whole "having to copy something for somebody" issue. There is no limit on how many vacations you may have during the year, but only one at a time is permitted.