Jim Chapin

 1 Song * Solos * Stories (1995)
 2 More Songs * Solos * Stories (2003)

Song * Solos * Stories

Chapinisms I (Solo)    
Carny Day (Song)    
The Charismatic Krupa (Story)    
For Gene (Solo)    
Love and Laughter (Song)    
The Chapin Book (Story)    
A La Book I (Solo)    
Bourgeois Blues (Song)    
Brushtique (Solo)    
I'm All I've Got (Song)    
RealFeel (Solo)    
Dom (Song)    
Buddy: The Early Years (Story)    
Buddy: I Willed It (Story)    
For Buddy (Solo)    
Buddy: Near The End (Story)    
Buddy (Song)    
Chapinisms II (Solo)    
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